A Wayne Tamarelli PhD., M.B.A.

Private Venture Capital Value Added Investor
Equity Investments
Convertible Loans
Start-ups and Early
     Stage Ventures
Accredited Investor
Experienced CEO & Entrepreneur
Active Business Advisor to portfolio company CEO's and Boards
Board Member when appropriate

Summary of Business Interests & Competencies

Successfully managed, bought, sold and invested in numerous businesses.

Fields of interest and Experience include:

  • Advanced materials
  • Chemical technology & markets
  • Corporate growth
  • Early-stage businesses
  • Education
  • Emerging issues
  • Energy technology & markets
  • Environmental technology & markets
  • Government policy and relations
  • Industrial materials technology & markets
  • International business
  • Investment analysis
  • Licensing and transfer of technology
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New ventures
  • Organizational improvement
  • Safety management
  • Strategic planning
  • Technology transfer

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Current Business-related Affiliations (Partial List)

  • Alung Technologies - Investor
  • American Chemical Society - Member
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Emeritus Member; Management Award Recipient; Management Division
  • Arrayent Inc - Investor
  • AWT Private Investments - Owner; President
  • Band of Angels - Member
  • Band of Angels Acorn Fund - Limited Partner
  • Bartrendr, Inc. - Investor
  • Bridge Semiconductor Incorporated - Investor
  • Calluna Vineyards - Investor
  • Camp Ventures II - Limited Partner
  • Camp Ventures III - Limited Partner
  • Cantimer Incorporated - Investor; Board Member
  • Cardolite Corporation - Chairman, CEO Advisory Committee
  • Carnegie Mellon University - Carnegie Institute of Technology Advisory Council; Former Assistant Professor (1965-1966; taught chemical engineering and physical chemistry); Andrew Carnegie Society
  • Chemical Heritage Foundation - Chairman, Joseph Priestley Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Board of Overseers; Heritage Council; Robert Boyle Society
  • Chemistry Council of New Jersey - Past Chairman; Executive Committee
  • Chemists Club (New York City) - Member; Past Trustee; Past Vice President
  • Churchill Club (Silicon Valley) - Member
  • Cogent Therapeutics, LLC - Investor
  • Commonwealth Club (San Francisco) - Member
  • Cuckoo's Nest Club Silicon Valley - Member
  • Flipora Inc. - Investor
  • Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce - Past Board Member
  • GovTribe, Inc. - Investor
  • H1Q Solar, Inc. - Investor
  • Image Engineering Laboratories, LLC - Investor
  • InMat, Inc. - Investor; Board Member
  • Jumpstart Angel Network LLC - Founding Chairman; Member; Board Member;
  • Linden Industrial Association - Honorary Trustee; Past President
  • m2m Imaging Inc - Investor; Board Observer
  • MetaVerse Inc. - Investor
  • Mobideos Incorporated - Investor
  • MPowered, Inc. - Investor
  • National Association of Corporate Directors - Member
  • New Jersey Entrepreneurial Network
  • New Jersey Technology Council - Member; Past Board Member; Past Co-Chair of Electronics, Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Advisory Board; CEO Advisory Board; Financier of Year Award
  • New York Academy of Sciences - Life Member
  • NJTC Venture Fund - Limited Partner
  • Ondavia, Inc. - Investor
  • Park Avenue Club (New Jersey) - Member
  • Peleton Technology, Inc. - Investor
  • Pittsburgh Athletic Association - Member
  • Plextronics Incorporated - Investor
  • Provid Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Investor; Board Member;
  • Provex Technologies, LLC - Investor
  • Puzzle Social, Inc. - Investor
  • Real Estate Partnerships (various) - Limited Partner
  • RedZone Robotics - Investor
  • Ridgetop V - Investor
  • Ridgetop XL - Investor
  • Sky City Investors - Investor
  • Skyworks Ventures Inc. - Investor
  • Societe de Chimie Industrielle - Member
  • Sword Diagnostics, Inc. - Investor
  • Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) - Past Chairman; Executive Committee; Board Member; Award Recipient
  • Tamarelli Vineyards and Wines (Mendoza, Argentina) - Owner
  • Theater - Investor in numerous stage productions (USA and overseas)
  • Venture Association of New Jersey
  • Vines of Argentina - Investor
  • Vines Resort and Spa - Investor
  • White Eagle Sonic Technologies, Inc. - Investor
  • Zon Capital Partners - Limited Partner

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Past Business-related Affiliations (Partial List)

  • Achieve 3000 - Investor; Board Observer
  • American Chemistry Council (ACC; formerly CMA) - Board Member as Chairman of Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers (SOCMA)
  • American Society for Quality Control - Member
  • American Society of Safety Engineers - Member
  • Asia Silicon Valley Connection - Member
  • Association for Corporate Growth - Member
  • Bridge Semiconductor, Inc. - Investor
  • Churchill Club (Silicon Valley) - Member
  • Commonwealth Club (San Francisco) - Member
  • Dock Resins Corporation (19 years; 1983-2002) - Former Sole Owner, Chairman and CEO; Bought company via leveraged buyout in 1983; Focused on specialty and advanced polymeric materials and surface applied polymers for primarily industrial markets; After substantial growth in revenues and profits, sold at very substantial increase in value.   
  • Exxon Corporation (5 years; 1966-1970) - Project Leader; Senior Research Engineer (petrochemicals)
  • Engelhard Corporation and subsidiaries (14 years; 1970-1983) - Senior Vice President (chemicals, advanced materials, surface technologies, energy technologies, environmental technologies, equipment systems, performance products, intellectual property licensing, corporate R&D, corporate planning and diversification); formerly Group Vice President; Vice President; General Manager-New Ventures; Major growth in revenues and profits; Responsible for over $1 Billion in annual revenues, 2000 people, and affiliated companies in the Americas, Europe, and the Far East; served on various boards; Chaired Patent Committee; Completed numerous acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing agreements, etc.
  • Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology-New York Society; Past Board Member
  • Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce - Board Member
  • Greater Newark Chamber of Commerce - Executive Committee; Secretary; Board Member
  • Hycrete Technologies LLC - Investor
  • International Angel Investors
  • I-ten Holdings, Inc. - Investor
  • Landec Corporation (5 years; 1997-2002) - Investor; Senior Vice President; Advisor
  • Licensing Executives Society - Member
  • Maxdem Incorporated - Board Member
  • National Paint and Coatings Association - Metropolitan New York Paint and Coatings Association (Past Chairman; Past President; Past Board Member)
  • New Jersey Energy Research Institute - Founding Board Member
  • Parelec Incorporated - Investor; past Board Member; past Chair of Audit Committee; Compensation Committee
  • Pictage Inc. Investor
  • Plextronics Incorporated - Investor
  • Prevex Technologies, LLC - Investor
  • Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) - Member
  • Society for Risk Analysis - Member
  • Solvents Recovery Service Incorporated - Board Member
  • United States Army (2 years - 1966 to 1968 plus 6 years in Reserves) - Captain; Contract Project Officer (managed development of weapons defense systems and advanced materials); Award Recipient; Mobilization Designee
  • Vapore Inc - Investor
  • Visible Tech-knowledgy - Investor; Board Member
  • Vision 2020 for U.S. Chemical Industry - Steering Committee
  • Water Environment Federation - Member

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Summary of Public Advisory/Service Interests & Competencies

Fields of Public Interest and Experience include:

  • Business Incubation
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Emerging issues
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Industrial policy
  • International
  • Organizational improvement
  • Safety
  • Strategy
  • Technology transfer

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Current and Past Public Advisory and Service Affiliations (Partial List)

  • Fairleigh Dickinson University - Member of Advisory Board for Rothman Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies; Guest Lecturer for MBA Program
  • Governor's Economic Task Force (New Jersey) - Past Member
  • Kean University - New Jersey Center for Science and Technology Education - Advisory Board Member; Gateway Institute for Regional Development Advisory Board - Past Member; Business Council - Past Member
  • Linden City Cultural and Heritage Committee
  • National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology (U. S. Environmental Protection Agency) - Past Member; Chair of Environmental Information, Economics and Technology Committee; Chair of Chemical Accident Prevention Committee; Chair of Ecosystems Science and Assessments Committee; Chair of Information Resource Management Task Force; Executive Committee
  • New Jersey Academy of Science - Past Member
  • New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology - Seed Fund Advisory Committee
  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection - Past Member, Stakeholder Advisory Group, Chemical Industry
  • New Jersey Economic Development Authority - Edison Innovation Fund Advisory Board Member
  • New Jersey Entrepreneurial Training Institute - Business Plan Judge
  • New Jersey State Opera - Past Board Member
  • New York/New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program - Past Member; Management Committee; Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Rotary International - Past President, Linden New Jersey Club; Board Member; President of Scholarship Foundation
  • Rutgers University - Panelist, Entrepreneurial Training Institute
  • Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey - Past Board Member; Finance Committee; Audit Committee; Long Range Planning Committee; Investments Committee
  • Travelers Century Club - Member
  • Union County Alliance - Board Member; Chairman Emeritus; Past Chairman; Past Chair of Executive Committee; Past Chair of Environmental Committee; Past Chair of Bylaws Committee; Award Recipient
  • Union County College Foundation - Past Board Member
  • United States Department of Energy - Past Member - Chemical Industry Executive Steering Group; Past Member - Vision 2020 Steering Committee
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency - Past Member; Stakeholder Advisory Group, Specialty & Batch Chemical Industry Sector.
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency - Past Member; Stakeholder Advisory Group, Sustainable Industries
  • University of Pennsylvania - Judge, Wharton School Business Plan Competition


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Awards and Recognitions (Partial List)

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Management Division Award
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Professional Promise Award
  • Business News New Jersey - Listed under "The Power Elite of New Jersey Business"; Listed under "Who's Who of Environmental Professionals"
  • Chemical Education Foundation - Vanguard Award for Industry Leadership on Responsible Care initiative for chemical safety and public involvement
  • Council on Environmental Quality - Environmental Award of the Decade (Engelhard Corporation)
  • Engineering Honorary - Tau Beta Pi
  • Explorers Club - Member
  • Invited lecturer at universities (Carnegie Mellon University; New Jersey Institute of Technology; Kean University; Princeton University; Fairleigh Dickinson University; Rutgers University)
  • Invited speaker and session chairman (for both domestic and international meetings) on entrepreneurship, environmental management, industry restructuring, innovation, plant safety, waste minimization, education, community involvement, plant management, performance incentives, private venture capital, etc.
  • Invited to testify before Federal and State legislatures on public policy issues
  • Leadership Honorary - Omicron Delta Kappa
  • National Science Foundation - Doctoral Fellow
  • New Jersey - Proclamations and resolutions from the Governor, the Senate, the Assembly, local officials for various accomplishments
  • Military Honorary - Scabbard and Blade
  • Scientific Honorary - Sigma Xi
  • Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association - Public Policy Award
  • Union County Alliance - Award for Strategic Vision and Role as Co-Founder of the Alliance
  • Union County Chamber of Commerce - Company Of The Year Award (Dock Resins Corporation)
  • United Nations - Environmental Award of the Decade (Engelhard Corporation)
  • United States Occupational Health and Safety Administration - Star Award for outstanding safety and health program (Dock Resins Corporation)
  • United States Army - Award for ingenuity, resourcefulness and technical skill in contract project administration
  • United States Congress - Special Congressional Recognition of Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community (Dock Resins Corporation)
  • United States Government - National Performance Review Award (Dock Resins Corporation)
  • Who's Who in America; Who's Who in Finance and Industry; Who's Who in Engineering; American Men and Women of Science

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Education (Partial List)

Carnegie Mellon University - PhD (1966), MS (1965), and BS (1963); Major in Chemical Engineering

  • National Science Foundation Fellow; American Institute for Economic Research Scholar; Consolidation Coal Company Scholar
  • Chief Justice, Student Court of Appeals; Chief Justice, Interfraternity Court of Justice
  • President, Social Fraternity
  • President, University Chapter of American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Honoraries - Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Scabbard and Blade

New York University - MBA (1972); Double Major in Marketing and in International Business

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